Intermec Connection Manager V2.02










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New features:

1.    Added support for Ci70-Ex and CN51 Mobile Computers.


New features:

  1. Added support for 70 Series Flexible WWAN Radio Mobile Computers.
  2. Added support for CN3/CN4 Multidock Ethernet driver changes.
  3. Added an Intermec Connection Manager Intermec Settings interface.
  4. Added automated Geo-location based WWAN Carrier Switching features (70 Series Flexible WWAN Radio only).
  5. Added automated Signal strength based WWAN Carrier Switching features (70 Series Flexible WWAN Radio only)



  1. Intermec Connection Manager SmartSystems Install Bundle works with SmartSystems 4.0.
  2. Intermec Connection Manager can now be updated without manually exiting the application.


New features:

  1. Added support for UMTS and CDMA CN70 and CK70 Mobile Computers.
  2. Added support for CS40 UMTS Mobile Computer.


  1. Symptom: Program directory and files are not removed on uninstall.
  2. Symptom: Start Menu Program Shortcut not installed with “Runs at Startup” package.
  3. Symptom: The C++ Demo program (RmAgnTestApp) soft key menu does not have a Done (OK) button under Windows Mobile 6.5.3.


New features:

  1. Added support for CN50 UMTS and CN50 CDMA Mobile Computers.
  2. Dropped support 700 Series computers. Continue to use ICM v1.70 on 700 Series computers.



  1. Symptom: If you dial an incomplete phone number in the Phone Dialer dialog and then tap End, the End/Talk button remains disabled after the call ends.
  2. Symptom: ICM can fail to determine the default gateway when the Keepalive Ping Destination is blank, so the keepalive ping is not performed.
  3. Symptom: In the C++ demo program (RmAgnTestApp), menu option Main > Battery Thresholds > 802.11 > Get Current Settings does not report the current setting and instead sets the WWAN battery threshold to 0.
  4. Symptom: ICM v1.70 and later - If the Phone Dialer menu option is selected immediately after Enable Roaming, it can trigger a system error "We're Sorry... A problem has occurred with itcRoamingAgent.exe."



Intermec Connection Manager versions 1.80 and later no longer support the 700 Series computers. Continue to use ICM version 1.70 on 700 Series computers.



To view or download the ICM User's Guide, visit the Intermec web site at, click Support > Manuals, and choose your computer.

  1. To install the Intermec Connection Manager Windows Installer Package (.msi) on a Windows 7 PC not running SmartSystems you must do the following:
  2. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.
  3. Right click on the Command Prompt icon and click Run as Administrator.
  4. Answer Yes to the pop-up dialog.
  5. Navigate to the directory containing the ICM .msi file.
  6. Type the full name of the .msi file and hit enter.
  7. Click OK in the pop-up dialog.
  8. Hit Finish in the ICM Setup Wizard.
  9. Type the full name of the .msi file in the Command Prompt window again and hit enter.
  10. Follow the on screen instructions to install the ICM files. Note the path you chose to install the ICM files or see the ICM User's Guide for SmartSystems Install procedures.


It takes 30 - 60 seconds for ICM to initialize WWAN. If you Disable Roaming while WWAN is initializing, the ICM icon and the socket interface will be unresponsive until WWAN can be stopped.


CN50 UMTS devices should be running at least OS v1.40.06.0001.

CN50 CDMA devices should be running at least OS v1.40.51.0002.


CN3 and CN4 devices must be running Phone edition of the OS and must have Intermec SSPB installed.


CN3 CDMA and CN4 CDMA devices: ICM removes the factory configured connection entry from Microsoft Connection Manager. If you stop using ICM and wish to restore the factory configured entry, you can exit ICM and select Start > Phone > Menu > Options > Data Settings tab > Repair Connectoid.


If a CN3, CN4 or CN50 is warm booted while connected to WWAN, a connection entry will remain in Microsoft Connection Manager. You should start ICM before running any program that attempts to access the network, or Microsoft Connection Manager will establish the connection rather than ICM. When ICM is started, it will re-establish the connection so that it is once again controlled by ICM.



The ICM SmartSystems Software install bundle will not install on Windows 7 PC’s without SmartSystems installed. A message is continuously reported that if you are sure you would like to install the bundle on this machine without SmartSystems installed then run the install again. See the TIPS section in this Readme for details on how to install ICM on a Windows 7 PC that is not running SmartSystems.

70 Series Flexible WWAN Radio devices can fail to resume from a suspend if the suspend occurs during a WWAN carrier switch. This can occur if ICM performs the carrier switch, or if the device is suspended during a manual carrier switch.


If the ICM install program is run on a PC that does not have SmartSystems or the SmartSystems Bundle Tool installed, an error message appears – “Error accessing the registry: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” Just tap the OK button to close the message window and the install completes.


ICM does not install properly on non-English OS versions because program shortcuts install to English folder names.

Workaround: Copy the ICM shortcut from \Windows\Startup or \Windows\Start Menu\Programs to the appropriate folder for the non-English OS.


If a CN50 UMTS device is placed in an Ethernet dock but removed after only a second or two, it might fail to connect to Ethernet again, and can also fail to resume if suspended. This is a system issue that occurs whether or not ICM is running on the device. Recovery: Reboot the computer.


If a CN50 CDMA device is suspended while in an Ethernet multidock, even if an Ethernet cable is not attached, when resumed the device displays an error "We're Sorry... A problem has occurred with device.exe". This is a system issue that occurs whether or not ICM is running on the device. ICM does not roam to Ethernet after this error occurs. Recovery: Remove/replace the CN50 in the dock, or reboot the CN50.


On a CN50 CDMA device, ICM can take several minutes to roam to WWAN after being out of range because the system continues to report no signal strength. ICM connects when the system finally reports valid signal strength.


CN3 and CN4 CDMA devices: When the device goes out of WWAN coverage, sometimes it takes 5 – 10 minutes before ICM reports no service. This is a system issue that occurs whether or not ICM is running on the device.


A CN50 device has issues answering or placing voice calls when a USB data transfer is occurring.


The Phone Dialer Mic slider control does not work on the CN4 or CN50. The corresponding API for microphone volume also does not work.


If the Phone Dialer is accessed before the phone is set up, the Spkr and Mic slider controls are set to 0 because ICM cannot retrieve the speaker and microphone volume. Also, attempts to place a phone call fail but no error message is displayed. Recovery: Wait about a minute and then close and reopen the Phone Dialer dialog.


On a CN50 CDMA device, the About screen reports the IMEI rather than the ESN. The corresponding API to get IMEI/ESN also reports the IMEI rather than the ESN.


When a CN50 is removed from an Ethernet dock, ICM sometimes roams to WWAN before roaming to 802.11, and sometimes it takes several minutes before ICM roams to 802.11.


If an 802.11 connection drops during a voice call, ICM may not recognize when the call ends, so subsequent incoming calls are not recognized and the Phone Dialer dialog is unresponsive. Workaround: Disable WWAN then Enable WWAN.


CN3 and CN4: If you disable WWAN while ICM is attempting a WWAN connection, ICM does not suppress the “Cannot Connect” notification bubble that is triggered by the operating system.


A CN3 GPRS device can miss an incoming phone call if a WWAN data connection is active.


On a CN3 CDMA device, sometimes power off/on of the WWAN radio will trigger the phone Activation Wizard dialog. This is a system issue that occurs whether or not ICM is running on the device. Recovery: Just tap the Cancel button in the Activation Wizard. The phone is actually still activated and should operate correctly.


A CN3 CDMA device can fail to roam to Ethernet when placed in a multidock. Workaround: Remove and replace the device in the dock, or choose Check Ethernet Now in the ICM menu.